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Question 1: Why should you choose the hotels we recommended?

With the good location where you can conveniently go to the exhibition, luxury rooms, high-standard quality and services,  we are delighted to provide the best hotels with preferential price for your selection. Hope you have a pleasant stay!


Question 2: How long should you book accommodation?

In order to get the best room that meets your requirement with preferential price, we recommend you to place the booking 1 month before the show starts.

Ex: Food & Hotel Hanoi 2020 takes place on November 25th, your booking should be placed at October 25th.


Question 3: How to book accommodation?

Below is the summary of the best hotels we recommend for you, please download the file and choose the hotel that suits your needs.


After that, follow these 2 steps:

Step 1: Fill out the Booking Form of the selected hotel and send it to the hotel via Email or Fax.

Step 2: Complete your reservation and wait the confirmation from the Booking Service Department.


Question 4: My questions are not found here, who may I contact with?

Please contact us via 2 options below:

Option 1: Send request to email: [email protected]

Option 2: Contact directly via phone number +84 28 3622 2588

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