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Food&HotelHanoi (FHH) is set to be the most comprehensive trading platform in the region, offering you exciting new opportunities to present your products, promote your brands and reach new audiences in the potential market of North Vietnam’s expanding food & hospitality industry. 




FHH  is a showcase of a wide selection of products and services, a demonstration with new techniques and an insightful forum. With 150 exhibitors from 20 countries/regions comprising a mix of international companies and major local distributors and manufacturers, the event promises to meet the growing demands of food, hospitality and tourism sectors in North Vietnam and North Central Coast regions. 



Check out hundreds of latest products and services showcased by leading food and hospitality manufactures, suppliers and distributors at FHH2018!



[Industry news]

In the previous article, the collected data and conclusion from Miele Professional has brought to the readers a overview picture of the current situation of the hotel industry in Vietnam (Read more here). It helps the operators or management level in the hospitality industry could gain the insights and understanding of the importance of service quality management and customer services.


That's the reason why the technical seminar "Customer Experience Management in the Hospitality Industry" will be organized to bring to the hotel businesses in Vietnam, especially local hotels, the effective solutions and tools to optimize their service quality through the newly trendy concept: "Customer experience management"[...]


Oct 26 2018


[Industry news]

A fund for tourism development will be set up in the coming time in hope of providing financial sources for brand building of Vietnam’s tourism in foreign countries, according to Nguyen Van Tuan, head of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism .

The fund will also support market research and development for tourism products and training for personnel in the sector. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and relevant agencies are reviewing necessary documents for establishment of the fund, he noted.

Tuan added that in 2018, Vietnam’s tourism promotion activities were organised in many countries. The country for the first time held such events in new markets including the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland and New Zealand, in addition to the five Western European nations which are already enjoying visa exemption to Vietnam.[...]

Vietnam+, Oct 26 2018


[Industry news]

In the context of the hotel industry, some of factors like location, price are no longer the primary competitive advantage in the customer mindset. "Quality of service" - a term that is not a brand new but with the up to dated society demands, this will be the next key to decide the competitive core value of the accomodation industry not only in Vietnam but also in the world.


Shortcut from some points of Financial Training Service - Miele Professional, some businesses could have the insight that geting the feedback on customer dissatisfaction is sometimes a good indication that the business is having a trust from potential customers. This demonstrates that the customers truly expect on the change and development of "quality of service" [...]

Oct 26 2018


[Industry news]

Auchan Retail Vietnam would have to face great challenges in an increasingly competitive market if it wants to reach the target of expansion.

Auchan expects to expand its business in Vietnam into 300 supermarkets within the next four years in the two main zones – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This information was provided by HR Director of Auchan Retail Vietnam Jean-Manuel Cros on the sideline of the conference on 30 years of foreign direct investment attraction in Vietnam.

The possibility of additional 279 stores over the next four years, meaning that scaling up at a rate of 10 times faster than the current average speed of 7 stores opened per year is still a huge ambition for any enterprises operating in the retail sector in Vietnam in the context of a fierce competition today.

Vietnam is considered as a potential retail market with nearly 100 million people in the population, the income of the people, as well as the number of people in the middle class, tend to increase. And the consumer demand in Vietnam is also on the rise.[...]

TheLEADER Oct,9 2018


[Industry news]

Upscale Vietnam hotels are struggling to hire and retain skilled staff, as even those with hospitality training switch careers.

Nguyen Huu Tho, chairman of Vietnam Tourism Association, estimated a 40 percent staff shortage in the hospitality industry.

The hospitality industry is booming as tourist arrivals increase year after year and hotels spring up all over the country to meet rising demand.



This also means a high demand for more staff, but hotels are struggling to find them, says Kenneth Atkinson, executive chairman of Grant Thornton Vietnam, market research firm.

HotelJob.vn, one of the leading hospitality search services, is currently inviting applications for over 9,500 jobs, from janitors to managers.

In tourism hotspots like Phu Quoc Island and Sapa, hotels are unable to get the staff they need, he told VnExpress International.[...]



VnExpress Sep, 2018


[Industry news]

The Vietnam Cuisine Culture Association made its official debut and held its first congress for the 2017-2022 term in Ho Chi Minh City on October 11.

The association aims to discover, preserve and develop Vietnamese gastronomy to be a national brand and asset by 2020, and to build cuisine museums and hubs in Vietnam

Besides, the association has planned to organize a number of activities and events to enhance the values of the Vietnamese cuisine culture such as: opening cooking schools, holding promotion programs both  at home and abroad.

Promoting the Vietnamese cuisine culture to be a national brand will make a great contribution to the country's economy, especially the tourism industry, as the catering sector and supporting services account for 70% of the tourism industry's revenue. [...]

                                                                                                En.cand, Oct, 2017


[Industry news]

Many hi-tech agricultural projects have been launched across the nation, most involving technology transfer from more advanced economies looking to tap demand generated by higher living standards.

A notable one among these is implemented by VinEco Agricultural Investment, Development and Productions LLC. (VinEco), a member of Vingroup Joint Stock Company (Vingroup). It is the current supplier for Vingroup’s retail chain Vinmart and its outlets, stocking their shelves every day with a variety of fresh produce.

Since early 2015, the company has been at the frontline of Vietnam’s hi-tech, large-scale, certified agricultural production, with focus on clean, standardised crops using technology from Israel, Japan and other developed countries. They now operate a total of 14 farms in different regions in the country, five of them in the northern provinces.

Lai Duc Luu, Production Manager at VinEco Tam Dao Farm in Vinh Phuc province, talked about the positive effects that hi-tech farming had on agricultural production and marketing in the country, and how consumers responded.


                                                                                                Vietnamplus, Oct, 2017


[Industry News]

A South Korean convenience store chain will become the latest entry to Vietnam's competitive market later this year. VnExpress reports that GS Group, a Korean conglomerate, will launch its GS25 convenience store line in the country, though no timeline is provided. This will be the company's first foray outside of Korea.

A spokesperson from the group told the news source: "We received requests from many countries, including China and other Southeast Asian countries, to export our brand. After months of research, we concluded that Vietnam had the largest potential for growth."


Foreign convenience store chains such as Family Mart, Circle K and Mini Stop, along with Japanese giant 7-Eleven, dominate 70% of the Vietnamese market, according to the news source. Domestic players like Vinmart have also expanded recently, especially in major cities.

GS Group claims that GS25 is the leading convenience store brand in South Korea, and the brand hopes to use Vietnam as a launch point for further expansion into Southeast Asia and China.


                                                                                                Saigoneer Sept, 2017


[Industry news]

Despite having fallen to the fourth position in terms of foreign direct investment in the first eight months of 2017, the real estate sector remains the second-biggest recipient of this type of investment to date.

According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s Foreign Investment Agency, between January and August 20, the real estate sector stood in fourth with regards to foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows – with 46 newly-registered projects and 15 others increasing their capital, totalling more than $1.16 billion.



Real estate FDI is behind the sectors of manufacturing and processing ($11.69 billion), power processing and distribution ($5.36 billion), and mining ($1.28 billion).

Cumulatively, as of August 20, investment capital in the real estate sector remained firm in the second-highest position, with 618 projects in total and $51.2 billion worth of investment capital. According to Su Ngoc Khuong, investment director of Savills Vietnam, the strong inflows of FDI in the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors have been driving more FDI into the real estate sector. [...]

   VIetnamnet Sept, 2017


The inaugural Food&HotelHanoi event taken place in November 2018 is poised to present an effective gateway for companies, hotels and restaurants in the Vietnam's North and Central Coast regions to source for innovative hospitality solutions, as well as a wide variety of high-end culinary products catering to different business needs. In other words, I strongly believe that Food&HotelHanoi will provide a significant contribution to the positive development of the food and hospitality sectors in Northern Vietnam.

Mrs. Do Hong Xoan
Chairwoman of Vietnam Hotel Association

The inaugural Food&HotelHanoi event taken place in November 2018 is poised to present an effective gateway for companies, hotels and restaurants in the Vietnam's North and Central Coast regions to source for innovative hospitality solutions, as well as a wide variety of high-end culinary products catering to different business needs. In other words, I strongly believe that Food&HotelHanoi will provide a significant contribution to the positive development of the food and hospitality sectors in Northern Vietnam.

Mrs. Do Hong Xoan
Chairwoman of Vietnam Hotel Association

5 hottest destinations to travel to in 2019

From cultural capitals to beach towns, these are the top trending travel hotspots.

Travel is trending.

On Wednesday, travel search engine KAYAK released its list of the top trending destinations — those places where flight searches have jumped the most year-over-year. And on the list, you’ll find everything from culinary and cultural capitals to gorgeous beachfront hotspots.

Among the big trends KAYAK is seeing: two cities in Mexico landed in the top 5, likely thanks to increased tourism efforts and a growing number of cultural festivals and celebrations, a spokesperson for KAYAK tells Marketwatch. And the Caribbean is making a comeback, following a rough hurricane season. Indeed, The Bahamas snagged the No. 4 spot on the list, with other spots like Turks and Caicos, Aruba and Jamaica also seeing an uptick in interest.

Unfortunately, you’ll likely pay a bit more for travel this year: According to the Global Business Travel Association, flight prices in 2019 will rise 2.6% and hotels 3.7%. Still there are plenty of ways to save if you hope to visit some of these incredible destinations.

Here are the top trending destinations, according to KAYAK

Mexico City, up 73% year-over-year

With its vibrant mix of culture, art, history, fashion and food — it’s got the second-highest number of museums in the world, behind Paris, more than 40,000 restaurants, and was named the Design Capital of the World this year — it’s easy to see why people are dying to visit Mexico City. Plus, it’s affordable: Median roundtrip airfare from the U.S. is very reasonable, ranging from a low of $278 in February to a high of $439 in December, and median hotel rates range from $115 per night in June to $147 in February.

Bali, up 65% year-over-year

Bali is the first and only spot ever to make it on KAYAK’s top trending destinations list three years in a row — and no wonder. Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali boasts world-class beaches with both sugar-white and black sand, spectacular palaces and temples and verdant jungles. Flights from the U.S. aren’t cheap — ranging from about $693 in November to more than $1,100 in June, July and December — but median hotel prices in all months come in at under $200 a night.

Ho Chi Minh City, up 49%

This big, bustling city in Vietnam is an enchanting mix of new and old: high-rise buildings and ancient temples, hot restaurants and traditional markets. Roundtrip flights range from just under $700 to upwards of $1,000, but hotels are very reasonable, hovering at around $100 to $120 a night. Many use Ho Chi Minh City as a jumping off point for exploring the rest of Vietnam, whether it’s a bike trip through the countryside or a lazy trip to the beach.

The Bahamas, up 45%

Though flights can be pricey — ranging from roughly $400 to $500 round-trip — those sugar-sand beaches, crystal blue waters and activities like snorkeling and deep-sea fishing have long made the Bahamas a hotspot for tourists. It’s trending once again as the Caribbean recovers from a rough tourist season. But in addition to a pricey flight, expect to pay somewhere between $300 to upwards of $500 a night for a hotel room.

Guadalajara, up 43%

Hip art galleries, modern architecture, unique cultural experiences and world-class cuisine and tequila are just some of the many draws to this large city in Mexico. Affordability is another: You can often get there for under $300 roundtrip, and hotels in most months are under $300 a night.

Other spots making the top 10 (in this order) include Lisbon, Paris, Rome, Maui and Munich. Hawaii’s increasing popularity may be due to the addition of more flight routes from the East Coast. These European cities may be benefiting from a similar trend, as new flight routes and low cost carriers are driving down prices and making these spots more accessible. Lisbon in particular “has seen a flurry of new flight routes added within the last year from major cities including Washington D.C., Chicago and Boston to name a few,” a spokesperson for KAYAK told MarketWatch.


CATEY HILL - Market Watch