Hanoi: Ensuring food safety for Mid-Autumn Festival 2022


Recently, Hanoi People’s Committee issued Plan No. 212/KH-UBND dated August 8th, 2022, on ensuring food safety for the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hanoi in 2022.

Accordingly, the Hanoi People’s Committee requires the inspection and examination to be focused and focused, focusing on violations of quality and hygiene and safety conditions in food production, business, and advertising, focusing on the production and sales of moon cakes. Strictly handle violating establishments following the law. Inspect on schedule and report on time, under the unified direction of the Steering Committee for food safety.

In the inspection and examination process, the government combines propaganda and education about legal regulations on food safety assurance, raising public awareness and consciousness in the work of ensuring food safety.

Promote communication activities with the participation of departments, sectors, and mass organizations to disseminate the provisions of the law on food safety, as well as knowledge in the selection and preservation of food products to consumers.  

The implementation period is from August 15, 2022, to September 15, 2022.

The Food Safety Steering Committee of Hanoi city assigned the following departments and agencies: Health, Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Industry and Trade, City Public Security, and Market Management Department based on the situation. The industry’s management model proactively organizes specialized or inter-sectoral inspection teams to inspect the production, processing, trading, and importation of food items that are used a lot during the Tet holiday. Mid-Autumn Festival, such as Moon cake, candy, wine, beer, and beverage; Raw materials, food additives for the production of moon cakes, mooncake fillings, packaging directly containing moon cakes…

For the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade, the City People’s Committee required the development of a plan and implementation for the fields under the management of the Industry and Trade sector. In particular, inspect and control establishments producing and trading moon cakes, materials for mooncake production, wine, beer, soft drinks, etc., in coordination with departments, branches, and People’s Committees at all levels. in inspection and examination. Besides, propagating and directing units in the industry on measures to ensure food safety; formulating and implementing plans for the fields under the management of the Industry and Trade sector.

With the Hanoi Market Management Department, the City People’s Committee also proposed, based on the functions and tasks, to establish an inspection team on food safety assurance, quality control, and food safety for circulating foods. Detecting, investigating and strictly handling cases of violations of regulations on food safety, especially counterfeit and smuggled goods, focusing on the origin and quality of goods circulating on the market, product labels, and transfer prosecution of serious cases according to the provisions of law.

City police cooperate with functional branches to proactively detect, investigate and clarify the case signs of violation for foods serving the Mid-Autumn Festival circulating in the city. Investigate and strictly handle cases of violations of regulations on food safety. Directing and participating in interdisciplinary inspection and examination teams at all levels.

Districts, and towns, based on the local situation, proactively organize specialized or interdisciplinary inspection teams to inspect the food safety assurance during the Mid-Autumn Festival 2022. Inspecting food production, business, and processing establishments that have been decentralized in districts, towns, and cities. Specifically, the inspection and oversight of the establishments that communes, wards, and townships inspect. Additionally, communes, wards, and townships are mandated by districts and towns to create plans and conduct inspections of production and commercial facilities in order to guarantee food safety during the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022. Townships, wards, and communes have decentralized their food processing. Food and items with a history can still be unsafe. The organization also committed to working with businesses and food processing facilities to uphold standards on food safety.

Source: Bo Cong thuong Viet Nam

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