Prime Minister and Enterprises 2022: Take advantage of FTAs ​​to boost exports and domestic consumption


The Ministry of Industry and Trade supports businesses to take advantage of signing FTAs ​​to speed up production and export, boost domestic consumption; use these opportunities to boost the export of agricultural products and food.

Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien (Photo: VGP)

At this morning’s (August 11) national conference between the Prime Minister and business leaders, Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien stated that with solutions to stabilize the macroeconomy, Vietnam will be one of the ten countries with the best trade balance in the world this year.

Minister Nguyen Hong Dien stated that he will work with ministries and branches in the coming months to focus on several solutions to continue to remove difficulties for businesses. Specifically, perfecting mechanisms and policies in the field of energy, organizing the implementation of the Strategy for Textile and Footwear Development after it has been approved by the Government; facilitating administrative procedures for businesses, speeding up VAT refund procedures, import and export clearance procedures, CO certification, and so on through the use of digitization to save time and costs.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade continues to execute measures to stabilize production, ensuring large balances, supply and demand for basic and important items such as gasoline, oil, fertilizer, power, and coal… at appropriate rates to encourage company development. Support enterprises in locating alternative sources of raw materials at reasonable costs to ensure adequate raw materials, fuel, and materials for production; organization to connect domestic enterprises to FDI enterprises and international corporations to participate in the value chain.

In particular, focus on supporting businesses to make good use of signed FTAs ​​to speed up production, export, and boost domestic consumption; guiding businesses to actively take advantage of opportunities when world demand is increasing for Vietnamese products and goods, especially agricultural products and food, to boost exports. Coordinating with localities and businesses in the field of distribution and logistics, focusing on exploiting the domestic market, there is still room for growth, as a pillar in the context that the foreign market tends to shrink due to demand decreases.

Enterprises take advantage of opportunities and advantages to increase the export of agricultural products.

Speaking at the conference, the Ministry of Industry and Trade also proposed to the Prime Minister the content that businesses, especially FDI enterprises, are interested in. That is to issue a decision on piloting the direct electricity trading mechanism between renewable energy generators and large electricity users; and at the same time, issue a mechanism to determine the selling price of wind and solar power for transitional projects based on negotiating electricity prices and power purchase and sale contracts with EVN within the electricity generation price bracket and guidance issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

For localities, the Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed to coordinate in maintaining supply chains to control prices; coordinating official export by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development submitted to the Prime Minister; assigned functional departments and agencies, especially the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, to conduct monthly online briefings with Vietnamese trade deals around the world to access the market and exploit the right market.

Source: Dien dan Doanh nghiep

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