La Vie persistently pursues sustainable goals


Investing in activities to protect water resources, reduce the impact of packaging on the environment helps La Vie to be in the top 10 sustainable development FDI enterprises in Vietnam.

La Vie Company, a member of Nestlé Group (Switzerland) in Vietnam, is the only beverage company in the Top 10 typical foreign-invested enterprises (FDI) in terms of green growth and sustainable development. sustainable in Vietnam in 2021-2022. The rankings of the Golden Dragon Award program (the 21st time) have just been announced within the framework of the Vietnam Development Bridge Forum 2022 jointly organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Vietnam Economic Review.

From more than 600 nominations and registered units, this year’s Top 10 is awarded to brands with growth results associated with green and digital transformation strategies and action plans, ensuring policies safety, equality and humanity for employees, especially during Covid-19, while actively contributing to society.

Đại diện La Vie (đứng giữa hàng trên) nhận cúp giải thưởng Rồng Vàng 2022. Ảnh: Trần Mạnh.
La Vie’s representative (standing in the middle of the upper row) receives the 2022 Golden Dragon award. Photo: Tran Manh

As one of the first FDI enterprises in the bottled water industry in Vietnam since 1992 and leading in the field of natural mineral water, La Vie implements the operating principle of “Creating Common Value” (CSV). contribute to society and bring long-term success to the business. Through the CSV program, businesses create value for partners, customers, society, and conserve resources for the future.

Fausto Tazzi, General Manager of La Vie, said that the priority of the business is preserving precious mineral water resources and implementing initiatives to provide high-quality drinking water products to consumers in a sustainable way. environmentally sustainable. “As a natural mineral water company, we are aware of our roles and responsibilities in ensuring the sustainability of nature. Therefore, we are very passionate about protecting water resources and reducing plastic emissions. and carbon,” said Fausto Tazzi.

La Vie has set a goal by 2025 to contribute to a positive impact on water resources in the places where it operates.

According to data from the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) as of April 18, La Vie is the only enterprise in Vietnam that has been granted international certification from this organization for meeting the standards. on sustainable water management. AWS standards are applied globally with strict criteria, helping water users understand the challenges of water resources in the region, thereby, taking concrete, transparent and community action. local communities to address challenges to ensure the sustainability of shared water resources.

In addition to water protection activities, La Vie is among the top businesses with sustainable packaging initiatives to support the recycling industry, contributing to reducing plastic emissions. This is consistent with the trend of “green consumption” that is getting more and more attention, when initiatives such as paper straws, bio-bags… are born to replace difficult-to-decompose packaging.

In May 2018, La Vie was the first enterprise in the drinking water industry in Vietnam to stop using bottle cap shrink film because it is an unnecessary plastic part and cannot be collected and recycled. Next, in 2019, the bottle color of La Vie 350ml, 500ml and 1.5l natural mineral water products was changed from light blue to clear white to make the recycling process easier. This is part of Nestlé’s global goal: By 2025, 100% of the Group’s packaging can be recycled or reused.

In early 2021, the brand continued to launch natural mineral water products using bottles made from recycled plastic, even after nearly a year of being affected by Covid-19. At that time, General Director La Vie once shared, recycled plastic bottles meeting food contact standards cost 30% more than traditional primary plastic bottles used in the beverage industry. Accepting reduced profits, but in return this initiative of La Vie is supported by many young consumers. Currently, the company continues to expand this initiative to support the circular economy in Vietnam, helping to make packaging after use a resource.

Sản phẩm La Vie sử dụng chai làm từ nhựa tái sinh được bày bán tại một cửa hàng tiện lợi ở TP HCM. Ảnh: Lê Tú.
La Vie products using bottles made from recycled plastic are sold at a convenience store in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Le Tu

In addition, this beverage company also introduced La Vie glass bottles, and cooperated with distributors and restaurants and hotels to collect bottles.

Not only focusing on sustainable packaging, La Vie is also one of the founding members of Vietnam Packaging Recycling Alliance (PRO Vietnam). The purpose is to join hands with businesses in the fields of consumer goods, retail and packaging production, contributing to promoting the circular economy model in Vietnam by helping the process of collecting and recycling product packaging. products made in a more accessible and sustainable way.

“At Nestlé and La Vie, we understand that sustainable development is not enough, so the business focuses on the recovery and regeneration of the environment. We aim to contribute positively to the environment and society, conserve ecosystems, regenerate and restore the environment for the next generation,” said Mr. Fausto Tazzi.

By VnExpress

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