Decoding the attraction of the franchised coffee chain “Ong Bau Coffee”

Giải mã sức hút từ chuỗi cà phê nhượng quyền “Cà Phê Ông Bầu”

In addition to the quality, affordable price and reputation of powerful businessmen, the impressive attraction of the “Ong Bau Coffee” chain also comes from the effective way of franchising.

The three bosses join hands to raise the value of Vietnamese coffee beans

Despite the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Vietnamese coffee chain market is still considered to be extremely potential and vibrant. New coffee brands are constantly being launched, expanding the chain of stores, contributing to helping the market maintain the development trend.

Among the prominent names today, it is impossible not to mention the “Ong Bau Coffee” brand with a rapid development speed, which is quietly spreading its branches across the country.

Giải mã sức hút từ chuỗi cà phê nhượng quyền “Cà Phê Ông Bầu” - Ảnh 1.

The unique name “Coffee Ong Bau” comes from the cooperation of three powerful businessmen: Mr. Doan Nguyen Duc (elected Duc), Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group; Mr. Vo Quoc Thang (elect Thang), Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dong Tam Company and Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NutiFood Company. Famous as the “boss” of the heart in the sports world of the country, besides the common passion for football, all three of these entrepreneurs are attached to and have a love for Vietnamese coffee beans.

The brand “Coffee Ong Bau” was established with the biggest purpose of bringing real value to Vietnamese coffee beans. The value here is not only economic value, but also quality and brand value. For that reason, the business philosophy associated with the word “real” is set by the bosses for their brand.

Giải mã sức hút từ chuỗi cà phê nhượng quyền “Cà Phê Ông Bầu” - Ảnh 2.

“Whatever I do, I pursue two things: Clean and real. Playing football must be clean and drinking coffee must be real. Every cup of coffee Mr. Bau sells is one less cup of unreal coffee”, said Mr. Duc shared this on the opening day of the 100th store of the “Ong Bau” coffee chain.

The attraction of the franchise business model

Trading in clean coffee, real coffee, but “Ong Bau Coffee” is surprised by the extremely reasonable price in the current price storm. From the sidewalks to the “5-star” premises, the quality and price of the “Coffee Ong Bau” brand is always the same with the price of only 16,000 – 28,000 VND/cup, suitable for a wide range of customers and customers. always accompanies many partners who wish to cooperate with franchising and choose a reasonable price frame according to each intended business area.

Up to now, the brand chain “Coffee Ong Bau” has expanded across the country. Not only thanks to the quality and attraction of famous businessmen, the rapid expansion of “Ong Bau Coffee” also comes from the effective franchising method.

Besides the desire to bring clean cups of coffee, the 3 managers also want to cooperate and bring business opportunities to people who are like-minded, love real coffee, want to start a real coffee business but are limited. in terms of capital and facing difficulties because of lack of experience in preparation.

After a process of research and experimentation, “Coffee Ong Bau” is currently providing its partners with 2 coffee shop models with flexible capital but still ensuring business efficiency.

Accordingly, for a group of partners with small capital, the car model “CART” With a low investment cost from 102 million, will be a completely suitable choice. According to a representative of the “Coffee Ong Bau” brand, if placed in the right position, the “CART” model can bring an average monthly sales of 50-60 million VND.

Giải mã sức hút từ chuỗi cà phê nhượng quyền “Cà Phê Ông Bầu” - Ảnh 3.

For partners with abundant capital, it will be suitable for a fixed store model, with an area of ​​70-220m2 with an investment cost of only VND 205 million. This is also the model favored by partners when cooperating with “Ong Bau Coffee”. Many famous football players of the national team such as Van Toan, Cong Phuong, goalkeeper Kieu Trinh,… have all chosen this model and now own their own “Coffee Ong Bau”.

Giải mã sức hút từ chuỗi cà phê nhượng quyền “Cà Phê Ông Bầu” - Ảnh 4.

Franchise stores “Ong Bau Coffee” are not only supported in store setup, equipment system, provided and guided on drink recipes, but also benefited from the source of coffee ingredients. from the legendary CADA farm over 100 years old and other quality ingredients provided by NutiFood Company.

Towards the goal of expanding the franchise model across the country, Ong Bau coffee brand chain is rapidly expanding its system and cooperating to develop more partners and attractive incentive programs.

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