TH collects milk cartons


TH Group organizes to collect and recycle milk cartons at 20 TH true mart stores in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from April 23 to June 5 to spread the green lifestyle.

To participate, consumers bring milk cartons of all kinds, regardless of brand or manufacturer, cleaned and folded, to one of 20 TH true mart stores on the published list.

TH thu gom vỏ hộp sữa các loại, không phân biệt nhãn hiệu hay nhà sản xuất. Ảnh: Mạc Hóa
TH collects all kinds of milk cartons, regardless of brand or manufacturer. Photo: Mac Hoa

After being collected, the milk cartons will be returned by TH to Tetra Pak – a world-famous group providing packaging products – to be recycled into useful, environmentally friendly and safe products for users. such as ecological roofing sheets, furniture, paper bags, notebooks, toilet paper, gift wrapping paper…

In addition to practicing green living, contributing to reducing waste and protecting the environment, each participant will receive gifts made of environmentally friendly materials.

When collecting at least 20 milk cartons regardless of brand, consumers will be given a handbook – one of the recycled products with a cover made from recycled paper with paper box composition.

Special gifts change every week, included for those who collect from 20 boxes of TH milk, which is one of the products: canvas bag, coco coir pot seed set, 500ml TH true Milk Organic pasteurized fresh milk or eco-friendly spoons and chopsticks set.

Among these, TH canvas bags have long become an intimate accessory for many green followers. The raw material for the production of bags is a natural raw cloth made from hemp, which can be used for a long time to replace disposable plastic bags, contributing to reducing plastic waste into the environment.

Notably, the special gift applied for week 3 of the program is TH true Milk Organic pasteurized fresh milk – a product produced by organic process, certified organic according to European standard EC 834/ 2007, by the international organization Control Union assessed and certified.

Hiện trung bình cứ 8.000 hộp sữa giấy đã qua sử dụng, tái chế được 1 tấm lợp. Ảnh: Tetra Pak
Production of roofing sheets from used milk cartons. On average, for every 8,000 cartons of recycled paper milk, there is a roof sheet. Photo: TetraPak

Sharing about the reason for implementing this program, a representative of TH Group said that the environment is one of the most important pillars of the Sustainable Development Policy that TH has consistently and strategically implemented in the future. for years.

The activity of collecting milk packaging is not new to TH. This group has long been a founding member of the Packaging Recycling Alliance – PRO Vietnam, pursuing the aspiration of a green – clean – beautiful Vietnam and striving to promote the circular economic model.

“This year, choosing a time to take place including Earth Day and World Environment Day, TH once again wants to strengthen communication with the desire for the community to actively participate in environmental protection, including collecting , recycle product packaging, contribute to reducing waste and spreading a green lifestyle,” the representative emphasized.

TH’s founder, Labor Hero Thai Huong is famous for his statement “Dear Mother Nature, who will give me everything”. This point of view has become the guiding principle for all activities of enterprises, especially the goal of sustainable development.

Sữa tươi organic của TH đạt chứng nhận hữu cơ châu Âu. Ảnh: Thanh Hà
TH’s organic fresh milk achieves European organic certification. Photo: Thanh Ha

According to a TH representative, for more than 10 years since its establishment, TH has persistently carried out environmental protection activities, from detailed and specific solutions to pioneering oriented strategies for the whole community. . For example, ending the use of single-use plastic bags throughout the TH true mart system, replacing them with bio-plastic bags; yogurt spoons are made from eco-friendly bio-materials; remove the plastic shrink film and cap of the pure water bottle TH true Water 350ml.

TH is one of the pioneering enterprises in founding and joining hands with large organizations in Vietnam to protect the environment and limit plastic waste, such as: Vietnam Packaging Recycling Alliance – PRO Vietnam, Business Alliance Industry for the environment of Vietnam – VB4E, Alliance of retailers to reduce consumption of plastic bags.

By VnExpress

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