Tourism businesses lack human resources


Many hotels and resorts are confused with the story of human resources when the tourism industry increased to recover, the number of tourists increased sharply.
More than 2 years of “freezing” due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the tourism market has tended to develop again after the State decided to open this service industry. On the occasion of the death anniversary, many provinces and cities with a strong tourism industry witnessed a sudden growth in the number of visitors, many hotels and resorts burned out.

However, the rapidly increasing number of visitors also poses challenges to the local tourism industry, accommodation and resort facilities because of a shortage of human resources.

Nhan su du lich anh 1
The number of tourists coming to Hue on the occasion of the death anniversary of the ancestors increased sharply. Photo: Dien Quang.

Only retain core human resources
Hue is one of the localities with a developed tourism service industry in the country. Every year, this locality welcomes millions of domestic and international tourists to visit the monuments and landscapes.

When the Covid-19 epidemic broke out, many hotels and resorts were forced to close or lay off their employees because there were no guests. Many establishments operate in moderation, maintaining a core number of staff to wait until the epidemic is controlled and tourists return.

According to Ms. Chau Thi Hoang Mai, CEO of Alba Hotels, during the 2 years of the epidemic, the hotel was still open and the services still kept the basic number of employees. However, 30-40% of employees were forced to quit their jobs because of the precarious tourism situation, affecting economic life, and had to move to other jobs.

“Only when the hotel is in operation will the facilities remain the same. Just close for half a month, the rooms will deteriorate. So when the flow of guests returns during the festival, the hotel is still ready to good service to customers,” shared Mrs. Mai.

Nhan su du lich anh 2
Many hotel staff were forced to quit during the epidemic season. Photo: Hoang Mai.

However, according to Ms. Mai, the hotel still faces difficulties in terms of personnel. The basic is to keep 60% of the staff, but on the occasion of crowded guests, 100% is required to meet the needs of the guests. To solve this problem, the hotel had to call more seasonal staff but it was very difficult.

In early April, when the hotels returned to operation, there was a competition for personnel between the units. According to Ms. Mai, this happened not only in Hue but also in major tourist centers of the country such as Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc… To temporarily make up for the shortfall in staff, this business contacted tourism schools in Hue to train and receive students right after they graduate.

Not only Alba Hotel, Ms. Dinh Thi Xuan Thanh, General Director of Midtown Hotel said that the Covid-19 epidemic has seriously affected the business of hotels. She said the hotel only tries to retain 20% of its core staff to maintain operations.

On the occasion of the death anniversary, the number of guests booking rooms at this hotel reached 100%. In order not to be passive, this unit has mobilized all resources, including the contingent of students of Hue Tourism College who work seasonally and calculate hourly wages. However, that is only a temporary solution.

“In order to meet the sudden increase in guest demand, we have called back the tourism school students who used to practice at the hotel. In addition, to reduce the pressure on human resources, we have prepared a large number of employees. clean blankets and pillows… 3 times more to be ready to change quickly,” said Ms. Thanh.

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