Novaland Group Proposes Planning Super Project Complex – Resort – Golf Course with a scale of 23,500 Hec in Dak Nong.


The complex – Resort – Ta Dung Golf Course in Dak Nong with a scale of 23,500 ha is proposed to sponsor VND 18.8 billion for general planning. Ta Dung, which is likened to “Ha Long Bay on the Highlands”, has the richest ecosystem in the Central Highlands and is attracting big developers.

Tập đoàn Novaland đề xuất lập quy hoạch siêu dự án Khu phức hợp – Nghỉ dưỡng – Sân Golf quy mô 23.500ha ở Đắk Nông

Pursuant to Document No. 2142/SXD-QHKT-PTĐT dated November 4, 2021, of the Department of Construction of Dak Nong province on calling for funding for the planning of the Ta Dung – Dak Nong project, the joint venture of JSC NoVa Real Estate Investment Group (Novaland) and Dat Tam Investment Joint Stock Company (Dat Tam) has written a proposal to sponsor a package of VND 18.8 billion.

Breakthrough ideas to elevate tourism in the Central Highlands

Previously, according to Official Letter No. 1997/UBND-KTTH dated April 27, 2021, the Party Committee of Dak Nong province agreed to the policy of the Joint Venture to survey the Ta Dung area to serve research and information collection. believe. Then, on January 13, 2022, the Novaland and Dat Tam Joint Venture also had the first report on planning ideas for the Ta Dung Dak Nong Complex – Resort – Golf Course project, located in the District area. Dak Glong and Ta Dung National Park.

Through the process of researching and understanding the strengths and potentials of tourism, ecological urban areas, and other service industries in Dak Nong province in the areas of Global Geopark, Ta Dung National Park, … The consortium presented the idea of ​​​​a large-scale resort project, inspired by the magnificent image of Europe on the plateau, creating many products of community entertainment, experience tourism, sports, and recreation. sports, adventure; eco-tourism, spirituality, …

On a scale of about 23,500 hectares, the Consortium proposes to divide the project into 7 subdivisions representing 7 legendary gods of the Central Highlands. The natural space and facilities and accommodation are placed to cleverly pull the concept of balance: dynamic and static. “We believe that Dak Nong’s strategic geographical location and natural potential will be the basic and important premise for Dak Nong to become an important link in the region, creating conditions for promoting economic development. Socio-economic development of the province in the near future, becoming the center of dynamic economic development of the Central Highlands region”, a representative of the Joint Venture said in the report.

Tập đoàn Novaland đề xuất lập quy hoạch siêu dự án Khu phức hợp – Nghỉ dưỡng – Sân Golf quy mô 23.500ha ở Đắk Nông - Ảnh 1.

The overall plan of the planning area of ​​Novaland and Dat Tam Joint Venture proposed in the report

The consortium also shared the desire with Dak Nong province to continue researching and investing in developing an infrastructure system connecting inter-regions, developing the tourism economy; contributing to the state budget, creating jobs for tens of thousands of laborers, and improving the living standards of the community.

“The project will be the driving force for the development of the tourism industry of Ta Dung in particular and Dak Nong province in general, creating more jobs for local people. The idea throughout the project just presented is that the project will promote the rich tourism potential of Ta Dung, making the most of the beauty of the landscape here while still being able to preserve and promote the beauty of the culture. local” added the joint venture representative.

The consortium said that it is currently continuing to complete the planning project, ensure the investment order according to the law, as well as commit to accompanying Dak Nong province in the coming time, contributing to making Dak Nong a destination. attractive, unique new arrivals… on the tourism-investment map of the country and the world.

Novaland’s “great project” strategy

Not only participating in sponsoring the planning of the Ta Dung – Dak Nong project, Novaland is also very determined to expand in potential markets in 2022.

From a land bank of nearly 5,400 hectares in early 2021, Novaland has increased the size of the land bank to 10,600 hectares – mainly located in key investment areas for aviation infrastructure and highways. The total value of land fund development accordingly also increased from 52 billion USD to 71 billion USD. (Total development value of land fund: Gross Development Value – “GDV”). Novaland’s net asset value also increased significantly: from 218 trillion VND (equivalent to 9.5 billion USD) on a land bank of 5,400 hectares increased to 324 trillion VND (equivalent to 14.1 billion USD) on a land bank expanded to 10,600 ha.

In addition to a number of key projects being implemented in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, and Ho Chi Minh City. Phan Thiet and Ho Tram (Ba Ria Vung Tau)…, in 2022, Novaland will introduce about 15,000 products, expected to include large-scale urban tourism real estate projects such as NovaWorld Mui Ne (700 ha) , NovaWorld Nha Trang (600 ha), NovaWorld Lang Co (280 ha)…

Up to now, Novaland has invested in and developed more than 50 real estate projects, has been developing 75,000 real estate products, and hundreds of tourism – entertainment – culture – health care facilities under construction. built-in Ho Chi Minh City and many southern provinces. It is expected that, in the period 2021-2025, Novaland will develop 100,000 products with a total expected value of VND 600,000 billion.

From now to 2030, Novaland aims to develop projects in 30 provinces, including the neighboring market of Ho Chi Minh City, the Mekong Delta, the South Central provinces, the Central Highlands, and the Northern region.

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