Vingroup launches a comprehensive hotel management application


ViHMS digital solution can manage reservations, restaurants, shift shifts, equipment maintenance… in the hotel, helping to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Developed by VinHMS Software Manufacturing and Trading Company Limited (Vingroup), CiHMS is a hotel management solution built on a cloud computing platform. The application helps to digitize information, unify data from all management and operation activities in the hotel.

A Vingroup representative said that CiHMS can “resolve” incompatibility in hotel operations, when important management systems such as reservation, restaurant, guest request recording, shift division, equipment maintenance … built by many different companies.

Besides, in order to ensure information security, all transactions and data on the system are encrypted when stored. Secure customer information and data with PCI/DSS certification (equivalent to bank data security standards).

Visitors to the CiHMS launch event.  Photo: CiHMS
Visitors to the CiHMS launch event. Photo: CiHMS

CiHMS hotel digitization solution provides as a service (Software-As-A-Service). Accordingly, instead of investing in equipment and machinery infrastructure like traditional systems, hotels only need to pay a monthly fee to use. “The model allows hotels to conduct digital transformation at a low cost, suitable for the current difficult business period,” the application representative said.

Technology is also constantly being updated to meet changing operational and business needs.

“CiHMS applies modern technologies that will help hotels operate more efficiently, reduce operating costs and provide a better experience for customers. In particular, CiHMS has the ability to connect with hundreds of OTAs. Online travel agency – Online Travel Agency) domestically and internationally, creating more opportunities to expand the market and increase revenue”, said Mr. Nguyen Van Hoang – General Director of VinHMS Software Production and Trading Co., Ltd. positive.

Mr. 1 - General Director of VinHMS Mr. Nguyen Van Hoang speaks at the event
Mr. Nguyen Van Hoang – General Director of VinHMS spoke at the event. Photo: VinHMS .

CiHMS has been deployed in the entire Vinpearl hotel system (more than 30 facilities), now processing millions of transactions per day. CiHMS’s price and room fund management system makes the implementation of Vinpearl’s pricing policy 30 times more effective.

A representative of VinHMS said that it will be ready to widely commercialize the CiHMS solution suite for businesses in the market. In 2021, VinHMS will introduce to domestic and regional customers 3 service packages: Essential, Plus, Premium.

In which, Essential is for the small hotel segment, Plus is for 3-4 star hotels, Boutique and Premium is for 5-star hotels and resorts, large hotel chains.

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Vingroup launches a comprehensive hotel management application
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