Sun Group launches Sun Marina real estate and entertainment complex on Ha Long Bay


In May 2021, Sun Property (a member of Sun Group) officially introduced Sun Marina complex in Ha Long including 1 iconic twin tower Sun Marina Town and Sun Marina Plaza seafront shophouse complex adjacent to the Bay. Yacht. All will create a vibrant, bustling port day and night, helping to bring Heritage Bay to become the next destination on the tourist map of the international elite.

In the world, there are luxury marinas such as Hercules harbor (Monaco), Miami (USA), St Katharine (UK) … where millions of tourists visit each year to admire the beauty of super yachts on the coast. Silver, where there are shopping streets that converge luxury brands, where there are international events such as the Yacht Exhibition… Cross-country travel on large international ships has also become one of its kind Tourism is the most popular form of tourism in the world. According to statistics, tourists traveling by sea often spend up to 40% more than tourists traveling by air or land.

Vietnam has Ha Long Bay recognized by Unesco as one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is the only place with mountains standing in the middle of the sea, with magical caves floating on the ocean surface, contributing to a huge tourist attraction. In order to give wings to Quang Ninh and Vietnam’s tourism to reach the international level, Sun Property (a member of Sun Group) decided to invest and create here a prosperous commercial port named Sun Marina.

Sun Group launches Sun Marina entertainment and real estate complex on Ha Long Bay - 1

Panorama of Sun Marina

Located right at the sea surface where the Lighthouse tower is lit, next to Ha Long international passenger port, and owning its own high-class marina, Sun Marina complex includes 1 iconic twin towers named Sun Marina Town and Sun Marina Town. A complex of 230 beachfront shophouses named Sun Marina Plaza is developed adjacent to Yacht Bay where super luxury yachts and large international tourist ships can dock directly…

Sun Marina also owns a central square in the middle of shophouses and a square around the foot of the Lighthouse, where in the future there will be countless big shopping and F&B brands. Tourists will flock to Sun Marina to experience attractive activities such as shopping, coffee, watching the sea and super yachts, etc. With about 5 million visitors to Ha Long every year and on a strong growth momentum. Sun Marina’s luxurious and new experiences will be a push to make the number of visitors to Ha Long increase exponentially. At the same time, opening up new types of tourism such as shopping tourism, discovery tourism, etc.

Sun Group launches Sun Marina real estate and entertainment complex on Ha Long Bay - 2

Sun Marina Plaza beachfront shophouse

In particular, Sun Marina Plaza is a townhouse project located along Bai Chay beach, a few steps from Ha Long international passenger port, the berth of international super yachts. Thanks to absorbing a huge source of visitors from the docking international superyachts, Sun Marina Plaza townhouse will become a luxury shopping destination serving high-end customers. In the future, Sun Marina Plaza and Yacht Bay promise to create a bustling commercial port, turning the golden coastal road of Bai Chay into a bright spot on the “tourist map of the elite”.

If the Sun Marina Plaza townhouse is expected to turn the coastal streets into a vibrant and bustling commercial port like Miami (USA) or Singapore, the luxury apartments Sun Marina Town will define a class. unprecedented pioneering life. The two luxurious 50-storey towers facing the East Sea are inspired by the image of “two dragons fighting for pearls” facing the sun to attract thousands of years of cosmic prosperity.

Each super luxury apartment in Sun Marina Town owns a unique view that embraces the beauty of the world’s natural heritage and the luxury and bustle of the Cruise Bay. Sun Marina Town is a high-rise complex in Bai Chay ecosystem that owns this million-dollar view. Therefore, owning Marina apartment is owning a ticket to join the “upper club” with rare privileges and 5-star facilities such as swimming pool, gym system, spa, sauna, standard restaurant. Michellin… Each apartment here is like a superyacht in the middle of the air, bringing the privilege of seeing thousands of large and small islands for prestigious owners.

Sun Group launches Sun Marina real estate and entertainment complex on Ha Long Bay - 3

The square connects the inner streets

In particular, the high-class commercial center at the podium is designed not only to serve the needs of high-class shopping and entertainment, but also promises to become a check-in, discovery and sightseeing point for residents. residents and visitors by its beautiful and unique design, the arrangement of indoor and outdoor spaces, optimization of functions, and variety of products.

In addition to lavish facilities, elites when entertaining, relaxing or living at Sun Marina also easily enjoy a series of travel, entertainment and shopping experiences with the coastline of Wonders, the Sun World Halong complex. Complex, Shophouse Europe – Sun Plaza Grand World shopping street, bustling walking street, attractive Bazaar night market, vibrant Sun Carnival square with festivals throughout 4 seasons… or Japanese standard hot mineral bath at Yoko Onsen just 20 minutes away minutes of travel…

Sun Group launches Sun Marina real estate and entertainment complex on Ha Long Bay - 4

Ha Long international passenger port

Looking at the city’s general plan to 2040, with a vision to 2050, Ha Long will determine the urban development structure according to the multi-polar model, in which Cua Luc Bay is the connection center, making Bai Chay the center. bustling new urban area of ​​heritage land. At that time, like the most iconic and prosperous marinas in the world, the Sun Marina real estate complex adjacent to Yacht Bay was the first project that Sun Property created to welcome the influx of luxury guests from all over the world. places in the world flock to, and at the same time create a trend of high-class living in the heritage bay.


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Sun Group launches Sun Marina real estate and entertainment complex on Ha Long Bay
In May 2021, Sun Property (a member of Sun Group) officially introduced Sun Marina complex in Ha...

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